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Spot-a-Cop Introduction


Spot-a-Cop is here to help each of our communities. We reach out to our local communities to provide support and charitable services to those in need and the community as a whole. We do not bash or hate on the police but rather, we support the efforts of police trying to make a difference in our communities and rise above the corruption that seems to be infecting departments all over the country. We are here to help YOU!!!




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The Supreme Court ruled that it is, in fact, constitutional for police to conduct DUI Checkpoints across the nation. However they may not stop every car and only those suspected of drunk, impaired driving. However in Virginia, and many other states, police are conducting unconstitutional checkpoints focusing on licenses. This is exactly what used to happen in Nazi, Germany where the Nazi's would stop citizens and demand their papers.

This growing trend of violation fishing has caught on more so in the recent years as it takes the need to prevent crime and instead, harvast revenue by casting a wide net over everyone. The way it works is the police set up a check point in locations that is hard to detect them prior to falling into their traps. They are required to post a sign alerting drivers of the check point. Citizens not wanting to be subjected to a police encounter (intelligent drivers) have the option to turn around as long as no traffic offenses take place when they are avoiding the encounter. However, police have chase cars setup to go after citizens legally turning around and avoiding the check point. Don't believe that the police would violate the laws that allow them to practice Nazi tactics? Check out this video. Also keep in mind that police closely monitor cars approaching the roadblock. So you’re not likely to have any success trying to evade it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So Do you know what do you do when you encounter a police checkpoint? How do you survive the encounter? And what rights do you still have left? This article is designed and intended to help you survive the criminalistic attacks of an unjust police check point and common police tactics. As a warning, however, you should always know the laws in your area concerning these unconstitutional checkpoints.

There are four general types of checkpoints you might encounter: DUI checkpoints, US border checkpoints, drug checkpoints, and TSA checkpoints. In a legal sense, they are not all created equal. So depending on which one you encounter, you’ll want to be prepared to flex your rights appropriately. For more info on these, CLICK HERE Sobriety checkpoints are generally permitted by the courts, but only if conducted properly. If you’re arrested at a police roadblock always consult an attorney before confessing or agreeing to a plea bargain. There might be some legal options that your lawyer can pursue. The Supreme Court has ruled that random checkpoints for the purpose of finding illegal drugs are unconstitutional. However, some police departments have devised a deceptive method to work around and exploit this restriction. Here’s how their trick works.

Police departments sometimes put up signs warning drivers of upcoming drug checkpoints. (This alone is not illegal.) But they will not pull over people who go through a checkpoint – because there technically is no checkpoint. Instead, officers will watch for vehicles approaching the nonexistent checkpoint and pull over for vehicles who make illegal u-turns or discard contraband in order to avoid the fictitious “Drug Checkpoint Ahead.”

So if you see such signs, keep driving and don’t panic. If there’s a rest area following the sign, DO NOT pull into it. If you do, you might find yourself surrounded by drug-sniffing dogs.

Police departments, especially in the Mid-west, have been pushing their luck with this tactic, so if you encounter anything resembling an actual drug checkpoint, please contact that state’s ACLU Chapter. Similarly, if you’re arrested as a result of a real or fake “drug checkpoint,” you must contact an attorney to explore your legal options.

Let's start off with your rights. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FILM THE POLICE - In all 50 states except Illinois, you have the right to film the police during the course of their duties provided that you remain at a safe distance, do not physically interefere with their duties, be on public property or your own property, and if you are on private property, you must have the property owners permission. Police can NOT tell you to stop recording, the can not make you leave if other members of the public (without recording) are allowed to stay. They CAN order you to back up. If you are going to record the police, do it in an open and obvious manner. Under the 1st ammendment there are no circumstances where the contents of video or photographs should be deleted or destroyed. Source - Washington Post

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT - You have the right to remain silent and not speak to the police. In fact it is never advisable to speak to the police EVER!!! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SEARCHES - You have the right to refuse searches. An officer MUST have probable cause to search you.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF TO THE POLICE - You are not required to identify yourself or provide ID to the police unless you are being detained. Simply ask in a polite calm and respectful voice, "Am I free to leave?" If you are not being detained, you are free to leave, Walk away. However if the officer says that you are being detained, simply ask again in the same voice, "What crime am I suspected of commiting?" The officer MUST be able to articulate what crime you are suspected of commiting. Simply fitting the description is NOT reason for detainment. Ask the officer, "Am I under arrest?" If you are being detained or are under arrest, you MUST comply and give them your ID and/or identify yourself.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE OFFICERS INFO - You have a legal right to know the officers name, badge number, and agency they work for. Police MUST identify themselves prior to initiating a roadside investigation.


So now that we have covered, in great detail, what your rights are and explained what types of checkpoints are common place in the police states of America, the question must be asked, how do we survive such checkpoints? Let's examine what you can do and how to minimize the threat of the officers conducting the unconstitutional checkpoints because let's face it, if they are ok with conducting them, what else are they ok doing to us?

So you encounter a check point, what do you do? Here's some video's that can help you practice what to do when you're unfortunate enough to land in the midst of this extremely dangerous situation and surrounded by armed thugs.

DUI Checkpoint Refusal Explained: Legal Survival Guide Ep 1

Field Sobriety Tests: Legal Survival Guide Ep 2

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal? Legal Survival Guide Ep 3

What to do if pulled over for DUI? Arizona Criminal Lawyer


Top DHS checkpoint refusals

Remember, nothing is more important that knowing your rights, except for surviving any police encounter. Now-a-days police are killing people more in the past 6 months than ISIS has since they formed. Police have killed more people than the war in Iraq. The threat is real and the dangers exist. Spot-a-Cop asks that you support your local chapter by posting the locations of any check points or radar traps. If you need help locating your chapter, CLICK HERE

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