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SaC is conducting a fundraiser to help raise money to help run our site and to continue to serve our communities. We have 4 goals.

  1. Become a 501c3 non profit charity: We would like to take SaC to the next level. And by becoming an official non profit charity, we can do so much more. Pending
  2. Obtain a professional domain server. Achieved
  3. Obtain a .com URL. Achieved
  4. Create a commercial app. Pending

Help Spot-a-Cop Become a 501c3 Non Profit Charity

Spot-a-Cop helps the community by providing a real time alert system to inform the public of emergencies, speed traps, checkpoints, missing persons, lost pets, stolen vehicles or property, weather and traffic alerts, or anything that affects the community as a whole.

We need your help to be more effective. with oover 14,000 members in 9 states, SaC has become the number one alert system in our area. With your help we can improve our services, expand our outreach, and increase our effectiveness.

We are asking each person to donate just five dollars ($5). If we can do this, not only will we have enough to file for a 501c3 non profit status, nut also develope an app and increase our infrastructure.

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