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Standard Operating Proceedures

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Standard Operating Proceedures
Revision v1.7.5 April 15th, 2015


1. Introduction
2. Overview and Mission Statement
3. Terms Of Service
3a. Member Rules
3b. Administrative Rules
3c. Membership Definitions
3d. Membership Requirements
3e. Grounds For "Permaban"
4. Arbitration
5. Arbitration Hearing Justifications
6. Message Posting Policy
7. Membership Approval Process
8. Administrative Duties Defined

1. Introduction
Spot-a-Cop Standard Operating Proceedures (SOP) is a governing document by which all matters shall be referenced. The SOP stands as the ground rules of operation, usages, and member activities. The SOP shall be upheld per the contents herein. Any additions, changes, alterations, or variances are subject to administration approval. The SOP is subject to change. In the event of an SOP change, said changes shall be posted in view of public access.

2. Overview and Mission Statement
Spot-a-Cop is a group that is completely member driven. It is a place to post and receive real time alerts that effect our community. Focusing on alerts such as: Police Checkpoints, Speed Traps, Amber Alerts, Accident & Traffic Alerts, as well as other Emergency Alerts that effect our Community.
Spot-a-Cop - Protecting our Community
Our mission at Spot-a-Cop is to offer protection from corruption of police and law enforcement agencies. Spot-a-Cop does not condone the willfull violation of any state or federal laws and encourages all members to exercise proper conduct.

3. Terms of Service
By using Spot-a-Cop, visiting any of its sites, groups, blogs, or other cyber real estate, the user hereby agrees to the following Terms of Service.
All members and admins must obey the SOP.
All members and admins must obey any applicable laws regarding their participation, posts published, or claims made.
No member shall be removed from the Spot-a-Cop network without violating the rules contained within the SOP.
All blocks or bannishments must be accompanied by at least 2 administrators approval.
No initial ban or block shall last more than 30 days.
Any violations resulting in multiple bans of 2 or more previous suspensions, are subject to indefinate ban or blocking durations.
Spot-a-Cop nor any of its affiliates shall be permitted to sell or disclose any member or adminstrators personal information collected or shared for profit. Your privacy shall always be respected.
Spot-a-Cop shall not be liable for any personal or professional information posted by the member.
Spot-a-Cop is not liable for any posts made and all accountability shall fall directly on the original author.

3a. Member Rules
1. No posting of child pornography
2. No posting of Pornography
3. No posting of any content that insights or promotes violence, criminal activity, or endorsements of conduct deemed unacceptable by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.
4. No member shall verbally assault another member or person with the intent to cause unjust reprecations.
5. No solicitation shall be permitted without the express written consent of Spot-a-Cop's Administrative Panel.
6. No member shall engage in cyber bullying.
7. No member shall be silenced for communicating ones thoughts, views, or "stand points". Freedom of speech shall be upheld so long as the posts or content does not condtradict Spot-a-Cop's SOP, any state or federal laws, or aggressive attacks on other members or the SOP Administration and or administrators.
8. Any member who posts content for the sole purpose of instigating anomosity or confrontations shall be banned or blocked at the discretion of Spot-a-Cops administrative panel in accordance with the rules and regulations contained in this document.
9. All posts shall consist of alerts, notices, or other posts that do not contain personal opinions and views or other messages that do not pertain to the mission statement.
10. All personal posts containing personal views, opinions, or other messages not pertaining to the mission of Spot-a-Cop shall be posted as a reply to the PINNED POST. All violations are subject to deletions within 12 hours.
11. No posts shall contain slurs against a profession (i.e. Pig, Bacon, Pork Product, etc.)
12. As a member of this group You agree to not use any information, photos, or messages for any illegal purposes or for purposes that generate unjust treatment or community view.
13. No attacks, threats, or rude private messages directed or sent to admins allowed.

3b. Administrative Rules
1. All administrators must obide by the SOP and uphold it to the best of their ability.
2. All administrators shall limit their activity to the authority and governing permitted by the SOP.
3. No admin shall block or ban any member without seeking a second administrators approval.
4. All administrators are deemed authorized authorities and officers of Spot-a-Cop and as such all admins shall be held accountable for any violations commited as an official administrator.
5. Administrators shall have their decisions scrutinized by the administrative panel at any time without notice to ensure fair and effective governing of the group or network.
6. Administrators are the last and final word in regards to any issues, content, or activities where a Spot-a-Cop representative is called upon.
7. Adminsitrators will be required to adhere and exercise the arbitrative policies and proceedures set forth in this document.

3c. Membership Definitions
Guest Member = Users who are not regeistered members of Spot-a-Cop. Guests are permitted to view any and all content contained on Spot-a-Cop. However Guests are not permitted to post any content.
Member = Users who have "Joined" Spot-a-Cop and are registered members of the group. Members have full access to any and all content contained on Spot-a-Cop. Members may also postcontent to the Spot-a-Cop group.
Administrator = Members with authority to operate as a representative of Spot-a-Cop. Administrators are bestowed full authorization of authority. They may post, access content, block, ban, add, and invite members to the group.

3d. Membership Requirements
1. Members must posses a valid facebook account or email address
2. All members must be 16 years of age or older
3. All members must agree to the SOP and Terms of Use or Service.
4. All members must obey all rules and regulations, policies, and proceedures of Spot-a-Cop and/or its administraction.
5. Members must be registered Facebook members for at least 30 days and must be active on Facebook during the past 30 days of membership request.

3e. Grounds for Permaban
The term "Permaban" means Permanant Bannishment. It is the process in which the Administrative Panel removes a member from the group against their will or desire for violations contained among this list.

Permabanable Offenses
A. Slander - No member shall post photos of "Snitches" "Informants" "Undercover Informants or CI's" "Narcs", or any other reference to non law enforcement officers.
B. Cyber Bullying Like Conduct - Ref. SOP Section 3 Subsections "4. No member shall verbally assault another member or person with the intent to cause unjust reprecations." and "6. No member shall engage in cyber bullying."
C. Posting ANY pornography.
D. Direct attacks against Spot-a-Cop Adminstration or it's Officers; attempts to undermind the goals and operation of the group or it's ability to have full access without restriction unless imposed by means outside of Spot-a-Cop's control.
E. No member shall post the "Personal Private" information such as pictures of their homes, cars, address'es, phones numbers, etc., of any person unless it is for purpose of good will no mal intent. (Missing Persons, Amber Alerts, Stolen Vehicles, Missing Children, Wanted Person's, etc.
F. Solicitation of ANY KIND without Spot-a-Cop Adminstration. EXCEPT for charitable purposes and NOT in the form of repeat SPAM.
G. Multiple Repeat SOP Violations After Final Warning From Spot-a-Cop Adminstration.
H. Deemed Undesirable Due To Conduct In Violation With Local, State, or Federal Laws. (i.e. Child Pornography, Rape, Murder, Terrorist Activity, Or A Former Member Of The Music Group "Milli Vanilli")

4. Arbitration
Should any issue arrise where a member or administrator has been blocked or banned, said member or adminsitrator may request a hearing to determine the outcome of their complaint.
In order for an arbitrary hearing to be granted, the member or adminsitrator shall submit a formal complain on the group or private message to any administrator stating their compaint.
If a complaint or request for arbitration is received, the following process must be carried out. NO EXCEPTIONS.
1. The complaint is passed to the Administrative Panel.
2. The Administrative Panel shall appoint an Administrator to act as an investigator. 
3. The Investigating admin shall conduct interviews with all parties involved including witnesses and determine if a hearing is warranted. (See Arbitration Hearing Justifications)
4. If the investigator has determined that there is sufficiant evidence or cause for a hearing, the matter is presented before the Adminsitrative Panel for further due process. If the investigator determines that the hearing request or complaint is unfounded, the matter is then dropped. The original complaintant may petition the Administrative Panel for an appeal and a new investigation shall be conducted. No more than 2 investigations shall be conducted for any single complaint.
5. The Administrative panel shall appoint administrators to serve in the following capacities. Representative of the Complaintant, Representative of Accused, Representative of the Group, and Judicial Adminitrator (a.k.a. Judge).
6. A 1 week period will be granted for each representative to conduct their own investigation. All parties MUST comply with each Representative Administrator and submit to any inquaries providing true statements only. Failure to comply with any investigation shall be subject to that users immediate and permanent bannishment from the group and respected networks.
7. The representatives shall convien and present their cases. Each shall be given an opportunity to make opening statements.
8. After opening statements have been entered into record, the Representative for the Complaintant shall present his/her case.
9. Each Representative shall be given an opportunity to ask questions and cross examine one another.
10. Next any evidence shall be submitted. Again the Representatives shall have an opportunity to scrutinize and contest any and all evidence.
11. The representatives shall be given an opportunity to give their closing remarks and then the matter is sent to the Presiding Administrator or Judge.
12. The Administrative panel renders it's decision which must be in accordance with the SOP. Said decree shall be imposed immediately.
13. The original complaintant may petition the panel and notify it of their intent to appeal the decree. The administrative panel is obligated to conduct a new investigation and hearing. All appeals shall be filed within 7 days of the current decree.
14. If a second investigation and hearing are required, all representatives and judges shall be replaced so that no representative holds the same position in any matter twice.

5. Arbitration Hearing Justifications
An arbitration hearing shall be approved if any of the following are true.
1. Sufficient evidence warrants a hearing.
2. The matter can not be settled without administrative intervention.
3. A clear SOP violation has occured.

6. Message Posting Policy
The following section defines the acceptable perameters for message posting.
1. Keep it Civil - This Spot-a-Cop is not a place to settle personal differences.
2. Keept it Clean - No profanity, threats, or other content that is damaging to the group, 
specific memebers, or our community.
3. Stay on Topic - Messages posted shall remain on the original posts topic. 
4. Keep New Posts Relevant - All new posts shall only contain content releveant to the group and it's mission goal.
5. Keep it Safe - No post shall include any threats of violence, harm to persons or property, or that promotes criminal activity.

7. Membership Approval Process
All new members shall be subject to screening verification at the sole discretion of the Security Administration. Any member that is screened is checked for the following.
1. An established Facebook Account (Established Account = accounts 1-2 months or older at the time of membership request.)
2. Fake or fraudulent indentifiers.
3. Possible Scam or Spam bots.
4. 16 years of age or older.
5. Facebook shows activity within the past 6 months.
6. Applicants must reside in the coverage area of the chapter they wish to join or be approved by administration.

8. Administrative Duties Defined
This section defines the various roles and jobs of the Administrative Panel.
These positions shall be appointed by the administrative panel.
Position Terms 
Chief of Operations - The overseer of the group.
Chief of Public Relations - The public speaker for the group.
Chief of Security - Overseer of the group and it's safety guidelines. Enforces group rules and regulations, oversees the membership screening process. Also oversees the proper and efficient arbitration process.
Chief of Development - Oversees the site developement and software designs for the goup.
Chief of Marketing - Overseer of advertising and any solicitations that take palce on the goup.
Chief Aldermen - The overseer of members rights.
Chief of Administration - The overseer of the Administrative Panel.
Chief of Policy - Overseer of all purposed policies and proceedures.
Chief of Treasure - Treasury Officer

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